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Jersey’s only dedicated marine conservation group, we ensure the waters we all love and cherish remain harmonious and prosperous.

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What Can We Do For You?

The team here at Jersey Marine Conservation are truly passionate about making a difference. Over 5 years we have won 5 awards, testimonials to how valued our work is. We are not about rattling collection tins, we are about getting in some pretty chilly water, battling dangerous rip currents and getting the job done.

In Jersey and the surrounding Channel Islands the sea is so much a part of our lives we often take it for granted, but if it wasn’t here, or was destroyed we would be forgoing our responsibility to both community and the environment.

Through our proprietary data gathering, education and underwater photography we are able to protect our marine ecosystems for future generations.

Please contact us if you want to find out more about our mission.

Multi-Award Winning

In 7 years we have won 7 awards and counting…



A brilliant day in celebration of World Wetlands. I am hoping our organization of the Exhibition will promote more support and encourage our politicians to acknowledge the need for Ramsar management and a properly supported National Park. I have posted a full thank you to everyone who help make the event the huge success it was.

Jersey Marine Conservation and the Ramsar Management Authority would like to invite anyone interested in Conservation to the World Wetlands Day Exhibition taking place this Saturday, February 2nd at St Clements Parish hall.
The central attraction will be the Butterfield Marine Species Touch tank giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of our amazing and rarely seen marine animals. This is your chance to hear some great speakers giving illustrated talks on our Wetlands. There are lots of interesting exhibits to see and for all the family. Please come and tell us why you think protecting our marine environment is important.
Listen to talks by leading Island experts
on our amazing RAMSAR sites:
Enjoy displays by:
10:30 Archaeology - Bob Tompkins
11:00 Foraging Cookery & SCOOP -Trudie Hairon-Trox & India Hamilton
11:30 Wetland Birds - Neil Singleton
12:30 Jersey Marine Conservation -Kevin McIlwee
13:00 Jersey National Park -Mike Stentiford
13:30 The Role of Marine Resources -Paul Chambers
14:00 Boat Operation & WISE - Dan Luce
* Times of speakers may change
There will even be some Foraged food to try!
Also Jersey Heritage and the Jersey Tourism Guides Association will be manning the Tower so don’t miss the chance to learn about the Towers and if you are brave enough view the Island’s SE Ramsar site from the gun platform!
Meet your Ramsar Management Authority members
Some of the attractions
Archaeology of the Wetlands with Bob Tompkins
Birds of our Wetlands with Neil Singleton
Butterfield Marine Touch Tank with Gareth Jeffries & Chris Isaacs
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Exploring the Wetlands and Seaweed Cooking with Trudi Hairon Trox of Jersey Walk Adventures
Guest appearances of our resident pirate-SamSar of the Ramsar
Jersey Marine Conservation and their mission to protect the Islands sub-tidal area.
Jersey National Park with Mike Stentiford & Jim Hopley
SCOOP- the sustainable food cooperative with India Hamilton
JICAS (Highlands) & studying Marine Conservation
Marine Biology (Société Jersiase)
Minquiers and Marine Resources with Paul Chambers
Action For Wildlife
RAMSAR & The Société Jersiase Marine Biology section
States of Jersey Marine Resources
WISE Training programme the UK's national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife presented by Dan Luce from Seafaris
Free admission.
A big thank you to St Clements parish for their support.

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The World Wetlands day event is really coming together. We have some great talks and exhibitions. SamSar of the Ramsar will be there telling of his mates. The Butterfield Marine Touch Tank will amaze you. The Tower is open and is well worth visiting for a view of the South East Coast.
Put the date in your diary- Saturday, February 2nd 10:00-15:00. See you there!

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