At Jersey Marine Conservation we are very busy. We do as much as we can to make a real difference. To make it easier to understand what we get up to, here are our three main operations.

Data Gathering

The principle element of our project from when we began as Jersey Seasearch in 2011, involves getting wet. Our initial object was to collect much needed species information in the sub-tidal waters of our Island. Without that information it would not be possible to create protection policies or management startegies.
We set out to gather this data, focusing on indicator species, habitats and human impacts. This data is added to our Biodiversity databases through Seasearch UK. Our High Energy sites can only be reached in calm conditions and on a slack tide.


A key aim is to educate our Community, Schools and Colleges about the importance and current decline in many places of what were healthy marine habitats. In 2019 we launched the Butterfield Marine Watch project in conjunction with Butterfield Bank, Jersey. Schools have hosted the Touch Tank for the day and this has enabled the whole school to see the amazing creatures that live in the inter-tidal zone. The Tank has been specially designed to allow ease of access for all ages. Alongside the Tank we have exhibits and resources which link to the Curriculum. In 2020 we introduced the Tidal Toppers Species ID game and hosted the Marine Mission event for the community and schools. We hope to continue this in the future.


Our team is committed to saving our Island’s marine environment and to promote our success story worldwide. We are constantly moving with technological developments such as video monitoring, remotely operated vehicles and water analysis. Our undergraduate and post graduate Students and citizen science volunteers are investigating the seabeds changes as a result of mobile gear, global warming and invasive species.

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Our Team

Executive Team




Former Professional Association of Diving Instructors, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Underwater photographer, Author and Seasearch Tutor.



Anthropological Coordinator

Advanced Scuba diver, Seasearch Surveyor, Underwater Photographer and JTGA Guide.




Marine Biologist

Currently completing a PhD with Plymouth University, Hons Marine Biology Graduate, Rescue Diver, videographer, Scout Leader and Assistant Kayak Instructor.




Dive Master, Seasearch Observer, JMC Secretary & Treasurer, with over 30 years of hospitality industry expertise.



Marketing & Developer

BSAC Qualified Marine Conservation Diver, Rescue Diver, Big Blue Intern and Marketing & Design specialist.