Our future Island will be shaped by how we manage our Marine Resources. Gradually economics will be out stripped by growing environmental impacts, that will hit us in waves like a meteorite shower.
Mass extinction is nothing new to the Earth but in the past in has in most cases taken thousands of years to happen. The Earth will recover but mankind won’t.
We have managed in last 150 years at an accelerating rate, to do more damage to the Earth than nature in its progress has ever achieved.
The time scale to slow down Global Warming shrinks with each new piece of research. Getting the message that we are in an Environmental Crisis, that we have created is challenging in a community like Jersey, driven in its goals and strategies by economic factors.

Global Warming is impacting our lives significantly but we seem to refuse to accept just how serious the situation is.

We in Jersey Marine Conservation believe that immediate and drastic action is needed to slow down the process enough to allow us to adjust. We have already passed the point at which it can be halted. Children will have to grow up in a world of food scarcity, disease, extreme weather and a huge refugee problem. We need to help them understand what they are facing.

The Butterfield Marine Watch Education project is attempting to promote awareness and understanding as a first step towards dealing with what lies ahead for these children.

Our Mission is to help young people appreciate how directly Marine Conservation affects their lives. They need to understand how climate and shallow waters need to function in unison. Fish and Crustaceans will be affected by the de-oxidation of our seas. There is currently no effective local or world-wide action to safeguard what is our future sources of high protein food. The seas have the potential to at least match the needs of what is already a world population exceeding 9 Billion. Our Agriculuture has reached capacity and cannot meet future demand. There are more people in the world than our food resources can sustain onĀ  a healthy, nutritious diet.
Our Touch Tank represents the Bio-diversity of the inter-tidal zone illustrating its role as a breeding area for all sorts of creatures. Amazingly almost everything is an animal (even though it may look like a plant). The Touch Tank is a living model showing how the different species interact, co-habit, predate and survive through much of their life-cycle. You are unlikely to see this on an actual beach visit and even the best videos can only provide a two dimensional experience.
Every creature has a part to play in keeping a balance. Students can see how different animals react to each other- some good, some bad. There are shrimps, crabs and seashells, that are replacing fish as important future food sources. The only creature not in the Tank is the Jelly Fish. Few creatures eat them! And those are on the brink of extinction. These ‘aliens’ can live in Oxygen starved water as potentially represent what life on earth will be like in the future. They are the new ‘humans’
If we do not look after these creatures, food is going to become as precious as any other commodity. Only the richest will be able to afford to survive and communities will disintegrate in literally a ‘dog eat dog’ fight to survive.
We will all have to make huge sacrifices in every aspect of our lives if humans are to be around much longer.

Kevin McIlwee
Jersey Marine Conservation