Our seas are very important for our future. Getting this message over can be challenging in a community like Jersey, driven in its goals and strategies by economic factors.

Current predictions state that Global Warming will be making an impact on our lives by 2050.

We in Jersey Marine Conservation belive that we have to act now otherwise it will be too late. The most effective long-term plan has to come through education. Children are the ambassadors of our future. We need to help them shape the world they are growing up into.

That is exactly what the Butterfield Marine Watch is doing.

To appreciate how directly Marine Conservation affects our lives we need to bear in mind that our climate is affected by what goes on in our shallow waters. Fish and Crustaceans for example are sources of high protein food and potentially in the future our marine environment is far more able to meet future demand than agriculture which already is being outstripped by demand. Our populations expand providing sustainable ways to meet demand become acutely important. The inter-tidal zone is a breeding area for all sorts of creatures and amazingly almost everything is an animal (even though it may look like a plant). The Touch Tank provides a living model showing how the different species interact, co-habit and survive through much of their life-cycle. You are unlikely to see this on  an actual beach visit and even the best videos can only provide a two dimensional experience. animals and if you look carefully you will see how they work.

Every creature has a part to play in keeping a balance.

In the Tank you can see how different animals react to each other- some good, some bad.

The world relies heavily on the sea as a food source.

You can see shrimps, baby fish, crabs and seashells all of these creatures can be eaten by us. If they do get eaten before they can breed then they will disappear.
If we do not look after these creatures, food is going to become difficult to obtain. It will be very expensive and for some unaffordable.

Our Touch Tank allows you to closely observe and learn about these creatures without disturbing them.

Kevin McIlwee
Jersey Marine Conservation