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The Seasearch mantra is ‘Any dive can be a Seasearch Dive. Also we have the general agreement ‘All successful meetings need cake! Here in Jersey with an 11m tide almost any visit to the seaside can be a Seasearch survey. We do advise however, that whether you are diving or just exploring you do not go alone. Also please ensure you are properly equipped to deal with rapid and sometimes sudden condition changes.
When we do a survey we are hoping that what we see, will support proposals to protect important reefs and species. In order to achieve that aim, Seasearch has developed a recording system that provides information which is accurate, reliable and usable.

If you want to get involved we strongly recommend that you attend our Observer Course. This is a 1 day training session covering why, how and where we record the information. In order to become a qualified Observer you need to submit a minimum of 5 reports. The first two are usually completed immediately after an organised diving, snorkelling or beach session. That’s where the cake comes in. Under the Tutors supervision you fill in your first 2 forms keeping fuelled with a hot drink and food! They will then check your reports and give you a Seasearch Logbook, which they will sign to indicate you have properly completed them. Completed forms are added to both the national and local BioDiversity records. These are openly available and your name will be there highlighting your contribution to the project.

Courses take place at least once a year here in Jersey and throughout the regions of the UK & Ireland.
A more advanced option is the Surveyor Course aimed at those wanting to learn how to provide detailed reports who have prior knowledge of Marine Species. There are also specialist Workshops. Most regions organise regular dives and welcome Seasearch divers from other regions.

Divers need to be PADI Advanced or BSAC Ocean Divers or equivalent. Here in Jersey we recommend a Drysuit. Contact our Coordinator if you need further information.

Seasearch is part of the Marine Conservation Society, UK.

Become a Volunteer or Sponsor

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