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Why Become A Volunteer?

Being a Jersey Marine Conservation team member and contributing towards the research data is an existentially challenging experience. It will challenge both the mind and body and leave you breathless.

Your hard work will improve ecosystems, maintain habitats and improve career skills. Specific marine biology or traditional.

Team building, physical discipline and life-experience are universal skills.

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What Skills & Qualities Do I Need?

Our diving volunteers should ideally hold the equivalent Advanced PADI qualification, be able to record accurate information and work in exposed locations with strong currents and poor visibility.

  • Reliable, good planning & preparation skills
  • Be an effective team member
  • Have an enquiring mind
  • Follow a task through to completion
  • Understand & respect others’ qualities and strengths
  • A passion for safeguarding the Island’s future
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What Could I Gain From Volunteering

For many this is a life changing experience. Building confidence, satisfaction and pride in being part of a team. As with everything, the experience really is what you make of it.

Diving Skills
Career Building & Social Skills
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Still Interested?

The team here at Jersey Marine Conservation are always on the look out for new volunteers. Over 5 years we have won 5 awards and want to keep up the momentum. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

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