Well done Insurance Corporation

Yesterday was a light speed journey through what we do and are very good at it. We kicked off with a brilliant snorkelling session down at Bouley Bay the 4th day of our Marine Conservation workshop.
St George’s School, under the eagle eye of Toyah and Adam explored the seabed guided by Bouley Bay Dive Centres instructors. About 8 different species of Jellyfish and similar creatures were seen plus an Eden type tour of the wonderful reef. Our sledge from the AJC came in very handy and the underwater cameras were a big hit. The session finished with a Beach clean-up and 20 smiling faces!
Then it was off to the Insurance Corporation awards where our clean-ups scooped a special Commendation. What a great job that company doesdo in recognising all the fabulous volunteering by people like Alison & Neil http://www.birdingjersey.co.uk/+ Courtney and Andy https://www.facebook.com/littlefeetenvironmental/+ Sarah McLaughlin with her Bioblitzing, small players but a passion for safeguarding our Island!
The day could not have been better as Clive and I surveyed Rozel for the Seasearch database with huge Skate, a Torpedo Ray, shoal of juvenile Bass etc, etc.
Its tough being a Jersey Marine Conservation volunteer! Could you do it?
Insurance Corporation Award 2018